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"’Secrets of Silicon Valley’ pulls back the curtain in the Land of Oz, exposing the dark side of this "miracle" of capitalism. No one can watch this wonderful and penetrating documentary and not be moved to action."

Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor of History, NYU
Author of Race Rebels and Yo’ Mama’s DisFunktional!

"A compelling reality check – piercing and powerful. "Secrets of Silicon Valley" is an evocative, intelligent film that offers an unvarnished look at the New Gilded Age."

Vicki L. Ruiz, Professor, Chicana Studies, U. of Arizona
Editor, Latinas in the U.S.: an Historical Encyclopedia

"’Secrets of Silicon Valley’ tells it like it is. The "Golden Age" of Technology is not benefiting all of us, but instead driving us apart – widening the gap between the haves and the have nots. This movie should be seen by everyone who cares about democracy – who believes that the fruits of the new technology should be available to everyone."

Bob Burnett, former Vice President, Cisco Systems
Current Publisher "In These Times" Magazine

"As a former assembly line production worker in Silicon Valley, I could write a book praising your film. The film explodes the secret of a non-unionized, mostly non-white, female work force, underpaid and insecure, the reality underneath the glitz of obscene profits."

Dr. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Ethnic/Women’s Studies
California State University, Hayward

"Impressive, bittersweet, and smart…a compelling portrait of two young community leaders confronting the digital divide and accelerating corporate globalization. This film will speak to and be moving for a wide range of audiences."

Chuck Collins, United for a Fair Economy
Author of Economic Apartheid in America

"With humor, moral outrage and surprising access to high-ranking industry executives, this powerful film shows how high tech workers often face health endangering chemicals, money-laundering temp agencies, and dismissal if they organize for better treatment."

Mike Blain, President, Washington Alliance of Technology Workers/CWA

"Wonderfully entertaining and hopeful. "Secrets of Silicon Valley" contrasts the platitudes and pieties of hi-tech millionaires with the reality of people struggling to get by in the new economy. An excellent addition to the tool box of organizers."

Tim Costello, Director, Campaign on Contingent Work

"'Secrets of Silicon Valley' is an illuminating peek into the hidden world
of high tech sweatshops closed off from TV cameras, the press and the public eye. The film gives us a photoflash insight into an economy and workforce transformed by rampant outsourcing and temporary work, but it also shows us the hopeful proving ground for new forms of community organization, worker and social activism. This film gives us a prophetic glimpse of the next labor movement."

Elaine Bernard, Executive Director
Harvard University Trade Union Program

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