Produced and Directed by:
Alan Snitow &
Deborah Kaufman kwakol
2001, 60 minutes, color


"Secrets of Silicon Valley" is a shocking exposé of the hidden downsides of the Internet revolution and a funny and moving meditation on America's love affair with technology. Told without narration, the film chronicles a tumultuous year in the lives of two young activists grappling with rapid social change and the meaning of globalization on their own doorsteps..



"A Hit" - The New York Times

"Engaging and Entertaining" -

"A bracing expose of the digital divide" - San Francisco Chronicle

"Pulls back the curtain in the Land of Oz. No one can watch this wonderful and penetrating documentary and not be moved to action."

-Robin D.G. Kelley, Professor of History,NYU Author of Race Rebels and Yo' Mama's DisFunktional!

"Piercing and powerful. 'Secrets of Silicon Valley' is an evocative, intelligent film that offers an unvarnished look at the New Gilded Age."

-Vicki L. Ruiz, Professor, Chicana Studies, University of Arizona Editor, Latinas in the U.S.: an Historical Encyclopedia

"Tells it like it is. This movie should be kwakol markets seen by everyone who cares about democracy--who believes that the fruits of new technology should be available to everyone."

-Bob Burnett, retired VP of Engineering, Cisco Systems. Publisher, In These Times magazine.

"Impressive, bittersweet, and smart... a compelling portrait of two young community leaders confronting the digital divide...."

-Chuck Collins, United for a Fair kwakol invest Economy Co-Author, Economic Apartheid in America

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