Short Credits
Produced and Directed by:
Alan Snitow and
Deborah Kaufman
Edited by:
Jennifer Chinlund
Principal Cinematography:
Vicente Franco and
Marsha Kahm
Principal Sound:
Wellington Jon Bowler and
Saul Rouda
Music by:
Jon Herbst, Open Canvas, and Tibor Szemzo

Alan Snitow--Producer/Director

Alan Snitow was Producer/Director of the feature length documentary film "Blacks and Jews", which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, 1997 and was broadcast nationally on the PBS series "Point of View" (POV) in July, 1997. For 16 years, Snitow was a producer at the top-rated KTVU-TV News, the Fox affiliate in the Bay Area. Prior to his work in television news, he was News Director at the Bay Area's Pacifica Radio station KPFA where he won a Corporation for Public Broadcasting Gold Award for Best Local Newscast. He has consulted on scriptwriting for many documentaries and has won numerous awards for film and radio production. "Secrets of Silicon Valley" is his second film.

Deborah Kaufman--Producer/Director

Deborah Kaufman was Producer/Director of the award-winning film "Blacks and Jews". She was also Producer/Writer of the nationally broadcast four-part public radio series "Blacks and Jews: Ambivalent Allies". Prior to her production work, she was founding Director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the first and largest independent Jewish film showcase in the world. She taught "Cinema and the American Jewish Experience" at the University of California, Davis. She has been a board member or consultant to a wide variety of multicultural and media arts organizations, including Bay Area public TV station KQED-TV's "Living Room Festival", and is a current Board member of the California Council for the Humanities. "Secrets of Silicon Valley" is her second film.

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